Tenant Placement Services


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The Following services are provided to our clients. We have a friendly, experienced and dedicated full time staff to assist you.

◉ Inspect your home for habitability requirements

◉ Recommend improvements for optimal marketability

◉ Market analysis to determine feasible rent

◉ Professional Photography

◉ Multiple Photos on the Internet

◉ Professional Signs

◉ Print Flyers, Open Houses

◉ Mission Property Management Website

◉ Referrals From Other Properties

◉ Network with Local Real Estate Professionals◉ Multiple Listing Service

◉ Craig’s List, Zillow, Youtube, Facebook

◉ Realtor.com

◉ Flexible showing times seven (7) days a week.

◉ Show by our Employees and Licensed Realtors


◉ Application

◉ Credit Report

◉ Employment Verification

◉ Unlawful Detainer (Evictions) Search

◉ Landlord Reference Check

◉ Income Verification/Ability to Pay

◉ Prepare and Sign a One Year Lease

◉ Collect Deposit and First Month’s Rent

◉ Schedule Move In

◉ Hand over Keys to Tenant

◉ Provide Lease, Application and Credit Report to Owner

◉ Provide Move In Funds, Bill and Statement to Owner


Tenant Placement service is for home owners who have the capacity to be landlords but may not have the time or expertise to market real estate, show the home and screen tenants.

Owner are responsible to prepare the property for rent

Owner need to take care of the repairs and necessary maintenance items needed at the property for move in.
Owners are recommended to prepare a written walk through of the home documenting the condition of the home prior to renting it out.
This is a valuable step as the owner will eventually be in charge of refunding the deposit when the tenant leaves. If needed, a walk-through inspection form can be provided.

Mission Property Management will market your home, field all calls, and schedule showings. We will provide applications and screen prospective tenants. Once an application is screened, all information will be presented and reviewed with the owner.

Upon owner notification, lease documents will be prepared on behalf of the owner and an appointment is set for signing the lease with the tenant.

Security deposit and first month’s rent is collected on behalf of the owners, in the form of a cashier’s check. Lease agreement is reviewed with the tenants making sure they understand the intent of the agreement.
Signatures are secured. The agreement will contain the owner’s name, address and contract information. Move in date is scheduled. Keys are turned over to the tenant the day the lease begins.

The funds collected, copies of all documents, application, credit report and original lease agreement along with our bill are then forwarded to the owner.

This would complete our management services for tenant placement. All future dealings would be directly between the owners and the tenants.(Service calls, rent collection etc.)

For the above described service, we have a one time charge 60% of the monthly rate of rent. A deposit of $600.00 is required at contract signing.