Full Property Management Srvs


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OFFICE: (510) 792-9800 FAX: (510) 791-1035

Full Time Property Management Services

The Following services are provided to our clients. We have a friendly, experienced and dedicated full time staff to assist you.

◉ Inspect your home for habitability requirements

◉ Recommend improvements for optimal marketability

◉ Schedule bids for various vendors

◉ Orchestrate repairs as needed

◉ Enhance curb appeal, landscaping

◉ Test plumbing and all systems of your home

◉ Market Analysis to determine feasible rent.

◉ Professional Photography

◉ Multiple Photos on the Internet

◉ Professional Signs

◉ Print Flyers, Open Houses

◉ Mission Property Management Website

◉ Referrals From Other Properties

◉ Network with Local Real Estate Professionals

◉ Multiple Listing Service

◉ Craig’s List, Zillow, Youtube, Facebook

◉ Realtor.com

◉ Flexible showing times seven (7) days a week.

◉ Show by our Employees and Licensed Realtors



◉ Licensed, Experienced Vendors

◉ Competitive Pricing, Multiple Bids as Needed

◉ Periodic Inspections – Keep Owners Informed

◉ “Re Hab” in Between Tenants

◉ Coordinate Repair and Maintenance Issues

◉ 24/7 Emergency Service Available



◉ Negotiate Contracts

◉ Secure Deposit, Collect Rent

◉ Eviction, Legal Services Available

◉ Maintenance Calls Handled & Resolved

◉ Negotiate, Landlord, Tenant Concerns

◉ HOA Representation

◉ Deposit Refund Itemized, Reviewed with Owner

◉ Annual Rent Evaluation and Recommendations

◉ Direct Deposit Rent to Your Preferred Bank

◉ Secure Owner Portals to View Your Account 24/7

◉ Move In/Move Out Checklist Utilized

◉ Enforce Terms of the Lease Agreement

◉ Lease Extensions, Rent Increases or Decreases


◉ Application

◉ Credit Report

◉ Employment Verification

◉ Unlawful Detainer (Evictions) Search

◉ Landlord Reference Check

◉ Income Verification/Ability to Pay

◉ Never Have to Meet or Screen Tenants

◉ Proper Rent Obtained, Raised as Needed

◉ Legally Trained Real Estate Representation

◉ Avoid Confrontations with Tenants

◉ Equity Preservation, Maximize Tax Advantages

◉ Current Laws, Customs and Codes Adhered To

◉ Federal and Local Fair Housing Compliance

◉ Owner Portal 24/7 to View Account, Statements

◉ Complete Record Keeping for your Property

◉ Monthly Statements, YTD Running Totals

◉ Itemization of Bills, Expenses

◉ Year End Statements

◉ Distribute “1099” Forms as Required by IRS

◉ Pay HOA if Needed

◉ Pay Gardener, Pool Service as Needed

◉ Pay Mortgage or Insurance if Desired

◉ Pay Property Taxes if Desired

◉ Pay Maintenance, Repair Bills as Needed

◉ Deposit and Reserves Held in Trust Account