FAQ’s – Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

◉ Mission Property Management is a full-service property management company established in 1984. We have been providing property management for home owners in the SF Bay Area for over 34 years. We are the largest, residential property management company in the Tri-Cities area. Our management portfolio is over 250 million dollars.

◉ We understand that your home may be one of your most important and valuable assets. We possess the tools and staff to protect the value of your home. Our staff is experienced, professional, competent, diligent and organized.

◉ Our goal is to minimize expenses and maximize profits while maintaining the home for continued use.

◉ Our staff receives constant training and is familiar with housing standards, the California habitability code and the Federal fair housing laws.

◉ We have experienced almost every housing situation and have systems to deal with each and every case.

◉ Let us show you how we get the job done right!

◉ Single Family Homes

◉ Condominiums

◉ Townhomes

◉ Multi-Plexes

◉ Apartment Complexes

◉ Small Business & Commercial Complexes

◉ Our core region is the Tri-Cities Area; Fremont, Newark and Union City.

◉ We have many other properties throughout the greater Bay Area.


◉ Our start-up fee is $600, which includes a free consultation with the property owners at the rental address where we discuss price recommendations and possible updates to the home.

◉ Our service fee is 8% of the collected monthly rent.

◉ We do not charge a monthly fee when the home is vacant.

◉ Fees may be negotiable for multiple homes and apartment complexes.

◉ There is a $300 re-lease fee every time we turnover tenants.

◉ Yes, as soon as our property management agreement commences, our experienced staff will evaluate your home’s condition and make recommendations for obtaining the highest rent.

◉ We discuss the owner’s financial goals and long term objectives for the property.

◉ We take into consideration the current market conditions (supply & demand, price trends), competition and return of investments.

◉ Repairs, deferred maintenance and recommended upgrades will be presented and discussed. Curb appeal, current fashion and design trends are also considered. We will oversee all preparation and upgrades.

◉ Compliance for local codes, habitability and safety standards are observed.

◉ We require a completed application for each person over 18 that will be living on the property.

◉ Verify ID of individuals applying.

◉ Check credit reports for everyone over the age of 18 living at the property.

◉ We verify former addresses and obtain landlord feedback from the last two landlords.

◉ Employment verification is done for all financially responsible applicants.

◉ We verify income and the tenant’s ability to pay the rent. Normally, the last two paystubs are verified.

◉ Compliance with local and national fair housing standards are followed. Application procedure is posted on the internet and it is the same for all applicants, no exceptions.

◉ Our goal is to have financially responsible tenants who will take care of your home.

◉ • We respond to each maintenance request as soon as possible. Tenants are instructed how to report maintenance issues at lease signing.

◉ • Our trained maintenance dispatchers will try to diagnose over the phone to prevent a service call, if necessary and to dispatch the proper trade.

◉ • We have a 24-hour emergency number.

◉ • We have a extensive vendor list for any job large or small. Many of our vendors have a long term history with our company and deliver high quality work.

◉ • Handymen or licensed general contractors may be used depending on job requirements.

◉ • If repairs are due to abuse or neglect by the tenant and can be proven, the bill will be charged to that tenant.

◉ • Owners are responsible for most repair and maintenance items under normal circumstances.

◉ Modern technology is used to keep owners informed. Email, texts, photos and the owner portal will provide information as needed. Phones are forwarded to employees out in the field and there is a 24 hour emergency number also.

◉ We have adequate staff and your property will be assigned to a “lead” leasing agent. You can call the office and speak with your leasing agent or a maintenance specialist. Our office staff will direct your calls and emails to the appropriate associate in our office.

◉ We have an owner portal through our website with access to many aspects of your rental property. Leases, monthly statements, repair bills as well as a year-end report will be posted to the owner portals.

◉ Our goal is to be transparent and keep our owners informed.

◉ We advertise the home as an upcoming rental unit on our user-friendly website as soon as the tenants provide notice.

◉ Detailed descriptions of your homes features, professional photography and neighborhood amenities are provided.

◉ Internet advertisements are posted and refreshed frequently on many platforms such as Zillow, Craigslist, MLS (Multiple Listing Service), Trulia, Hot pads, Redfin, You tube, and Rently.com.

◉ Professional yard signs and printed flyers are utilized.

◉ We handle scheduling for all showing inquiries. Often we show the same day we receive an inquiry.

◉ Our entire team is made aware of all current and upcoming vacancies. Properties and applicants are cross marketed to fill vacancies as quickly as possible.

◉ There is no charge for our normal advertising process.

◉ Staging and virtual tours are available at an extra charge.

◉ That will depend on; condition, location, price and time of year.

◉ In a good market 30 days is possible. Most often 30 – 60 days.

◉ Payments are made to the owners between the 8th and the 10th of each calendar month.

◉ Statements are posted at the end of each month.

◉ One full month’s rent plus security deposit.

◉ All move in funds must be certified and clear before handing over the keys.

◉ Additional deposit for pets if applicable.

◉ For single family homes and townhomes, tenants pay all utilities.

◉ Owners should hire and pay for gardening service if they want their yards maintained properly. We suggest “building” that expense into the rent when marketing the property.

◉ Condos will depend on the Home Owner’s Association. Normally water/garbage is included in HOA fees.

◉ HOA fees, property taxes and insurance are always paid by the owner.

◉ Multi-plex homes, usually water/garbage is covered by owner, depending on how the meters and garbage collection is set up.

◉ We take action as soon as possible to determine issues. A call, email or a direct visit to the home to understand when the rent will be received.

◉ Tenants will receive notification from our office that their rent is late and they will incur a late fee.

◉ Paying rent late is a lease violation and can lead to strict consequences up to and including eviction.

◉ A “Three Pay or Quit” notice will be posted if we cannot obtain an acceptable response from the tenants. This may be the first step in the eviction process.

◉ We may report late or non-payment of rent to the credit agencies.

◉ We begin marketing and showing the property as soon as possible to minimize the vacancy and expense to the tenant and owner.

◉ If the tenant breaks the lease, the tenants are charged for all costs associated with re- renting the property; advertising, the $300 re-lease fee, re-keying the locks and they are responsible for paying the rent until we find a new tenant.

◉ Owner meetings can be scheduled in advance for weekends.

◉ Showing of properties is available 7 days a week.

◉ Appointments can be made with our staff for weekend move ins or other issues.

◉ Emergency hotline available 24/7